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What's the REAL CO$T of Non-Compliance???

What is the real cost of your RTO being non-compliant?

Non-compliance is an ever increasing issue that the Bluedge RTO Consulting team are seeing on a very regular basis. Even RTOs with compliance managers onboard are finding that when an audit is conducted by ASQA that non-compliances are found and require immediate rectification or sanctions may be placed on the RTO by ASQA.

Don't let your RTO fall in to this situation. The cheapest quote is, most of the time, not going to get the result you want.

All too often we are being contacted by RTOs that have had an unqualified consultant work with them on their compliance, only to find that the consultant, while initially cheap, ends up costing them three times more than engaging an RTO Compliance expert from the start.

Don’t be fooled by cheap compliance consulting rates – you really do get what you pay for.

ASQA has become vigilant about compliance in VET providers. We are regularly asked to step in and assist with rectification work and often it is simply too late to fix all the compliance breaches. This puts the RTO at serious risk of having their provider status cancelled. The new guidelines issued by ASQA means that if you are found in breach of compliance the notice to rectify can be immediate. Cancellation of registration can be as soon as the next day after notice! If this occured where would it leave you?

Good RTOs are being closed down at a moment's notice for the most minor breaches. This will continue and places more and more importance on you to ensure that your RTO is and remains totally compliant.

This may sound self-serving as we are an RTO COnsultancy but we invest countless hours in our team to ensure they are the very best at what they do and, this expertise doesn't come cheaply. What I am saying here is be prepared. Invest in your RTO to ensure that you have best practice and compliance at all times. This is not something that you put lipstick on once a year and cross your fingers that you are all good. It takes effort, it takes time and it takes investment. But, if you fail, the chances are you will lose everything OR end up at the AAT fighting for your survival!

Working with an external compliance expert is part of the new norm for RTOs that want to grow and be successful. An external compliance consultant will provide your RTO with a second external set of eyes, looking for the irregularities that ASQA search out. A quality compliance and RTO consultant is at the top of their game, staying abreast of the all idiosyncrasies that ASQA look for in an audit.

What is the potential cost of being Non-Complaint?

· It costs you time and effort to rectify breaches

· Places your and your staff’s livelihoods at risk

· Places the business that you have worked hard to create at risk

· Places financial strains on the RTO

· Impacts your students and trainers

· And, at worst, could see your VET registration cancelled

Bluedge RTO Consulting has some of the best RTO consultants in Australia. Our consultants have owned and operated successful RTOs for many years and are subject matter experts. The expertise offered by Bluedge RTO Consulting to your business is immeasurable when it comes time for ASQA to visit.


Feel free to call any of the team at Bluedge RTO COnsulting on 1300 194 604 or email us at

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