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Total Solutions for all your RTO needs

Bluedge RTO Consulting offers you a total solution for all your RTO's needs.  

We are a one-stop solution provider for RTOs from advice to addition to scope, to set up and registration through to recruitment.

Bluedge RTO Consulting is committed to helping and assisting RTO’s be compliant against the standards set by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).
Our experienced consultants and auditors will work with you every step of the way to identify all the non-compliant areas through in-depth auditing, support and coaching or guide you to be a successful and profitable RTO.


Initial Registration

Registration of your RTO

Step by Step

Start to Finish


Stay complaint, and ready for audits with support, planning and coaching

Ownership Change

Protect your investment with pre purchase audit, action plan and regulatory support


Increase your time, reduce your costs with a support package designed to your specific needs and maintain a strong and healthy business


Our team are experienced in ASQA sanction management


Rectify and build robust processes to build healthy business


Get ready for re-registration with our qualified auditors

Add to Scope

Quickly and effectively add to your scope without the stress

Option 2 (1).png


Keep your team up to date and compliant with our Professional Development workshops


Expert recruitment for all RTO staffing needs - Stress and Hassle free Guranteed

  • ISO Consultant Brisbane Business Coach Mentor Brisbane Business Coach Brisbane Business Growth Consultant Brisbane 

  • Sales Training Brisbane


"I have had the pleasure of utilizing the services of the BluEdge Team on various projects.


Their professional consultation has been instrumental in my RTO le'Culinaire Hospitality Institute obtaining accreditation from ASQA. Their wealth of compliance knowledge and expertise in the RTO field is priceless".

Brad Bennett, CEO - le'Culinaire Hospitality Institute

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