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Re-Registration of RTOs

Re-Registration of RTO's

At some point in the life of an RTO, it will b e time to go through the re-registration process with ASQA.  At this point you most likely have a successful RTO business that has thrived but, this can all be at risk during the re-registration process.

Bluedge RTO Consulting, as part of our core services is able to work with you in the months leading up to re-registration to ensure that all aspects of your RTO are compliant and meet the ASQA standards.

We recommend the process begin 6 to 8 months prior to application for re-registration with ASQA.  This ensures that you have time without severely impacting the day to day operations of the RTO to work with us in bite size tranches to prepare.

Talk with us today about how we are able to walk you through the process and lead up to re-registration of your RTO.

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