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RTO Set Up and Registration


Bluedge RTO Consulting have assisted a range of clients to successfully prepare, set up and register their new VET or CRICOS RTO.

Unlike other consultants, we are very transparent and assure you that what we deliver is on budget and on time.  

We have our own proprietary IP that has been developed and is constantly updated to ensure it meets all ASQA Standards and requirements.  Our team come from a background of running very successful RTOs over many years.  The team have been the founders, CEOs and Managing Directors of start up RTOs.  They know and understand what it takes, how long it takes and the work required.

This all ensures that your new RTO is in the best shape from the start.


How we work;


  • Before we send out a project proposal, we meet with you and determine the right project plan for you.  We understand that not everyone has the same time to individually invest in a setup and we tailor the solution to you and your needs.

  • We give you a proposal that contains all deliverables

  • The proposal will provide you a firm project cost estimation

  • We work with you to make sure that the experience is fun, educational and successful.

  • We support you as part of our service for the first 12 months to ensure your RTO is compliant and successful.............all leading to profitability.




Call Bluedge RTO Consulting today:

PH. 1300 194 604 or email us 

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