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BluEdge RTO Consulting is a full service RTO consulting business.  We deliver the solutions to any RTO's needs to maintain the highest of standards.  We are here to assist you with......
RTO Compliance

RTO Compliance, Coach and Mentor

Keep your RTO Compliant with your personal RTO Coach.

What’s included:

In-house Compliance

  • We provide Professional Development for all RTO staff and Mentor them

  • Unlimited phone, email and skype support from our Compliance Coach

  • Regular support on the premises

We will put together a package to suit your organisation.

RTO Audit
Pre Audit Support and Re-registration

Pre Audit Support and Re-registration

BluEdge provides a range of support packages and options for RTOs to prepare them for audit and re-registration.  We start by engaging with you and your team a minimum of six months before audit and re-registration.

BluEdge has a range of packages tailored to your specific needs and size of RTO.  We know that each RTO is unique.


CRICOS Compliance Support

CRICOS is the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. Training providers that wish to provide courses to overseas students with a student visa must be registered with CRICOS.

BluEdge Compliance Specialists are here to assist your training organisation with the process of gaining CRICOS registration.


At BluEdge we will support you through preparation, application and the audit process. We provide customised documents and forms as well as training.

RTO ELICOS Registration

ELICOS Registration

BluEdge can assist with ELICOS Registration for VET and CRICOS RTOs.

Our Consultants work with you to guide you through the ESOS Framework and compliance required for the ELICOS National Standards.

We provide;

  • Project Management

  • Training Support

  • Advice

Any RTO wishing to provide ELICOS courses to international students must apply to be registered as a CRICOS RTO.

RTO Funding Support
Performance Profiling

Workplace Behavioural Analysis

Understanding what motivates your human assets and how to get the best from them is part of building a successful RTO business.

BluEdge offers RTOs customised behavioural analysis to assist you in getting the best out of your team and delivering the best learner experience.

We provide;

  • Executive performance analysis

  • Pre-employment analysis

  • Individual performance analysis

  • Team analysis

BluEdge is an Extended DISC practitioner.

RTO Scope

RTO Extensions to Scope

Our experienced consultants will assist you in applying for your next course on scope and take the hassle away from you, giving you more time to work on other components on your business.

What’s in the package:

  • Designing the structure of the course

  • Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)

  • Organising Assessment and Training material

  • Organising the right trainers

  • Staff Matrix

  • Industry Consultation

  • Advice on Desk Audits

Health Check and Internal Audits
RTO Desk Audit

Internal Audits –  Your RTO Health Check

Be on top and stay on top of you RTO’s compliance with Your RTO Health Check.

BluEdge’s experienced consultants can assist in maintaining compliance by conducting a RTO Health Check.

RTO Health Check includes:

  • A full in depth review of the organisations management system against the relevant standards and requirements

  • A comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement and action plan for rectification

We work with your organisation to implement the rectifications, so that your organisation is compliant.

RTO Set Up
RTO Set Up

RTO Setup & Registration

We are here to help and support you with establishing your own RTO.

  • Have your RTO registered and operating in 6 months.

  • Our RTO Setup Package has all the material and tools you need to run a successful RTO.

RTO Setup Package includes:

  • Personal Compliance Coach and mentor to assist and guide with the whole process

  • Customised Policies and Procedures

  • Forms and Templates

  • Trainers Handbook

  • Students Handbook

  • Business Planning Support

  • Financial Viability Assessment Kit

  • Training & Assessment Strategies

  • Industry Consultation

  • Audit Support

RTO Funding Support
Funding and Tender Support

Funding & Tender Support

BluEdge can assist RTOs with;

  • VET Student Loans application & implementation

  • State funding applications

  • Tender applications

  • Sourcing of Tenders

  • Skills First Funding application & support

  • Smart & Skilled Funding application and support

Quiet Desk


BluEdge has subject matter experts that will assist you to move your paper based training online.  e-Learning is a great way for you to engage students and increase your completion rates.

We offer a range of instructional design, content creation, user experience (UX) and a full suite of documentation, including integration to your student management systems.

we work with you to manage the project from start to finish.

Quiet Desk
Streamlining RTO Systems

Streamlining RTO Systems

BluEdge RTO Consulting has process consultant experts that will assist you to streamline and integrate your RTO systems simply and easily.  Integration of your Student Management System (SMS) Document Management System (DMS) and Learner Management System (LMS) ensures that your reporting is accurate, mitigating risk of errors and above all saving time.

BluEdge can project manage the the consolidation and integration fo your systems.

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