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Buying or Selling an RTO?

We are seeing a lot more buying and selling of RTOs at the moment and there are some key things that anyone thinking of buying or selling needs to be aware of. If you fail to be aware how RTO registration works you could risk losing your money.

1. RTO registration is attached to an entity, such as a company, and can not be transferred to another entity (another or new company). The registration is attached to the original entity that the registration was issued to.

Simply this means that you either have to sell or buy the full operating company as a going concern and transfer the shareholding of the entity.

**There are unscrupulous sellers that may tell you differently but Do Not be fooled.

2. When an RTO is sold or significant shareholding is changed, you will be required to demonstrate, either upon takeover or sometime soon after, how you will continue to comply with all regulatory requirements. This may involve partaking in a compliance audit, which will incur audit charges from ASQA.

Do your Due Diligence and seek advice from your trusted legal, financial and RTO advisors!

3. If you intend to merge or sell an RTO in to another RTO you must ensure that the receiving RTO you will need to make sure your scope of registration includes all courses of the RTO to be merged. If the RTO that you are acquiring or merging with has courses that you do not have on your registration of scope and you wish to continue to deliver the qualifications, you will need to make application to ASQA to have them added to your scope.

If you are considering buying or selling, call one of our team at Bluedge RTO Consulting and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you about the best way forward.

Remember, it's your money!

The Bluedge Team.


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